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Contact Us to Discuss Custom Solutions.

Content Writer $99 Page - Website - Article

We research your topic + write targeted content + broadcast social media marketing + boost SEO rank

Business AI ChatBot $995 ... Reduce Costs

AI bots working for you 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of a human employee. Our effective AI ChatBot may reduce your customer service costs by up to 30% or more. We custom program ChatBots AI $995 for your business instructional videos up to 10 minutes, customer service and advertising campaigns. Call 440-597-3964

Digital NFT Asset Minting $795

We MINT register NFT art, photo, images, video + on platforms to generate revenue

Website Designs $695 + Contact Us

Basic package up to 10 pages unique domain, custom design, content, shopping carts payment processing

Pay-per-Click Advertising $995 / month package deal

Advertise in social networks includes data analytics management

Blog Writer 4 Articles per Month $275

Article research + write content + 4 articles per month + broadcast social media marketing, boost SEO 

Landing Page Capture Leads $295 

Up to 4 pages unique domain, CRM lead capture forms, custom designs

Business Articles / Slide Presentations $295

Article / Presentation research + write content + design up to 5,000 words / about 10 pages or less 

PR Broadcast Your Business $795 

We write your 500 word Press Release with links, then Broadcast it to over 500 News Channels and 5,700 Syndicated Sites plus top Social Networks, Search Engines ... Yahoo News, AP News, MSNBC, Twitter, FOX, CNN, Google News, Facebook, Instagram and more. 

Video Production Starts $395 + 

up to 60 seconds - Inquire about our custom video production options 

GPT AI Programming Intelligent Machines
Python +
Contact Us

Business intelligent machine learning GPT AI programming 

Book Writing / Ghostwriter - Call to Discuss

Book research + layout + content writing + publishing + eCommerce sales promotion management  

Social Media Marketing $595 / month package deal

Inquire about social media marketing packages contact us 

Our Team offers over 35 years of experience in Programming, Website Design, Research, Content Writing, Broadcast Advertising Campaigns, Data Analytics and Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business.  Call to Discuss Custom Solutions 440-597-3964  


A few project examples include;

Exploring deeper into our content writing skills and digital media production experience includes a wide range of markets.


Retail Stores / Apparel / Jewelry

Restaurants / Hotels

Pet Stores / Veterinarian

Law Firms / Accounting Consultants

Dentists / Medical Professional

Entertainment / Events / Music

Computers / Technology 

Web development Coding

Cyber Security IT

Automotive (ex. EVs, hydrogen, biofuel, gasoline) 

Financial Technology 

Media / Entertainment 

Medical Technology & Healthcare  

Clean Energy & Fossil Energy (ex. solar, wind, biofuel, oil, hydrogen, electric)

Sustainable Products  (example cork or bamboo) 

Health Fitness / Sports  

Collectibles, Antiques and Memorabilia

Education / Public Schools & Colleges   

Clean Water / Climate Change issues 

Entrepreneurship / Business Development 

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud & Quantum Computing 

Automation, Robotics / Manufacturing 

Marketing, Advertising / Social Media  

Website Design eCommerce apps 

SMS Text Message Geofence Target Mobile Users


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