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Traditional Mass Marketing Dead

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Today, consumers want a feel good personal connection with the socially conscious brands and products they buy. In fact, our research data shows about 68% of customers B2C / B2B now expect a more personalized product or solution. So, we're advising entrepreneurs for the most part that traditional mass marketing is dead, even food is more personalized now. Think "customizable sustainable products or services" to grow your business model and increase profit reports

Over 70% of shopping and media information is now driven through personal connections in social media networks. A new enhanced smart-consumer has emerged connected 24/7 with AI apps able to buy high quality, targeted solutions, choosing from nearly custom products and services that fit a specific personal need. Mobile social network savvy customers now shop, compare prices and access information instantly anywhere in the world at low cost.

Our research data finds 80% 0f all consumers and businesses want customizable or personalized products and solutions. So what's the answer to grow your business? Give the customer what they want. Develop better ways, cost effective solutions to deliver products and services faster to meet customers personalized needs at lower prices and convenience.

For example, network using geolocation marketing or geo-fencing allows retailers to instantly reach new and repeat mobile customers within a programmable geographic radius. This is important as our data shows 65% of people tend to follow the same pattern of behavior nearly everyday from traveling the same streets to online shopping and social networks.

Leading companies now offering customizable products and services include;

McDonald's using kiosks customers can create their personalized food selection

NIKE app tools to design custom sneakers

GM apps to design your own vehicle pick color, interior, extras etc.

M1 Finance app gives investors the ability to create a custom financial portfolio

A progressive business model whether it's sneakers, clothing, automobiles, food, travel, accounting services, intelligent investment apps or healthcare insurance options ... make it customizable and personalized, so that the customer has the ability to create their own final product. We are able to help entrepreneurs growth the business using this innovative model.

Two market sectors we believe need more development are on-demand 3D print manufacturing and online 3D eCommerce with immersive virtual reality experience. helps innovative entrepreneurs from every background and income level with mentoring and professional business development solutions. Checkout business services below.

Retail Website Designs Sell Online

eCommerce Sales Shopping Carts

Engage Audience, Create Healthy Networks

Content Writing - Blog - Marketing Articles

Publish Book - Video Streaming - Podcasting

Business Crowdsource Funding Services

Advertising Campaigns PPC Data Analytics

Creative Video Marketing Social Media Ads

InstaGram, TikTok, Reels, YouTube, Facebook

Feel free connect to get started building your own business or just want to chat about an idea. provides business analysis, social media marketing, data analytics, website design, content writing and business development from start-up to IPO in a variety of market sectors. Our diverse team of highly skilled mentors offer over 25 years of experience.

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