The Science of Influencing Consumers

Updated: Jul 19

Focus group studies prove U.S. consumers are largely influenced by certain brand factors external to price or better features. In fact, emotion can play a big part in ordinary consumer behavior. A positive emotional reaction to a product or brand creates greater consumer loyalty. A feel good bond of trust will often drive consumers to choose one brand over another. While predominant neuromarketing techniques may also be strengthened with "group dynamics", producing a mass consensus that pushes an individual consumer in one direction or another based on emotion, beyond mere logic based on benefits or real facts.

Often consumers are driven towards one brand or another by the following characteristics;




In fact, almost 90% of the time ordinary consumers act on product buying decisions largely based on a subconscious factor says Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman. In Zaltman's book, "How Customers Think : Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market", the professor reveals many exciting ideas that can be helpful to marketers and strong brands. provides business analysis, social media marketing, website design, content writing and business development from start-up to IPO in a variety of market sectors. Our diverse team of highly skilled agents offer over 25 years of experience. Contact Us Send Note 

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