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The Road to Carbon Reduction

The analysis is based on research data compiled for clients involved in "The Road to Carbon Reduction", specifically the auto market sector. The summary conclusions outlined in the presentation clearly define a broad global energy plan as a necessary step.

Watch video or review summary presentation slides and read conclusions below.

Download PDF version presentation below ...

Carbon Reduction
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While the promise of nuclear fusion may be the "Holy Grail" for clean energy, reducing carbon in the future. The tangible commercial benefits of nuclear fusion are still 15 years or so away. But the nuclear fusion research and development is enhanced with the on-set of AI Quantum Computing in order to accelerate the answers needed to more rapidly achieve sustainable nuclear fusion, clean energy for all on Earth that's ubiquitously available.

Still many challenges arise with the scarcity of critical elements necessary including Lithium (Li+), Platinum, Tritium (H-3), Helium 3 (3He). This makes space exploration critical to mine rare elements. For example, Earth holds resources for just 2.5B Li+ battery units. So, further, sodium ion battery development is needed. While Tritium (H-3), Helium 3 (3He) critical in Nuclear Fusion are very rare on Earth. Therefore, space exploration is required.

The goal to achieve sustainable clean energy on Earth is therefore not fully achievable without bold, smart bipartisan leadership, particularly in space exploration with global collaboration. And I call for an inspired peaceful, global initiative to begin work together.

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