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Social Website Designs $995

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Today people shop online 65% of the time sharing and consulting with friends in social media networks like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN.

The ability to integrate your business social network into your social website design is critical to build a more personal connection with your customers. Video advertising is highly effective delivering 75% better response rates and lower CPC (cost per click) data analytics.

For example, our team creates YouTube video ads in Google Search that are much more cost effective at .05 cents on-average per click, generating superior response rates versus standard copy ads on Google at $1.35 to $4.50 (PPC) pay per click advertising. offers affordable social website designs that drive more traffic, increasing sales. We help entrepreneur startups to IPO corporations succeed. Contact Us

Social Content Service helps innovative entrepreneurs from every background and income level with mentoring and professional business development solutions. Checkout business services below.

Retail Website Designs Sell Online

eCommerce Sales Shopping Carts

Engage Audience, Create Healthy Networks

Content Writing - Blog - Marketing Articles

Publish Book - Video Streaming - Podcasting

Business Crowdsource Funding Services

Advertising Campaigns PPC Data Analytics

Creative Video Marketing Social Media Ads

InstaGram, TikTok, Reels, YouTube, Facebook

Feel free connect to get started building your own business or just want to chat about an idea. provides business analysis, social media marketing, data analytics, website design, content writing and business development from start-up to IPO in a variety of market sectors. Our diverse team of highly skilled mentors offer over 35 years of experience.

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