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Programmable Nano-scale Matter Claytronics

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

It's sound like the stuff out of a SCI-FI movie like StarTrek or The Matrix, the ability to instantly shapeshift matter using nanotechnology to create and interact with tangible objects by programming nanometer-scale computers the size of claytronic atoms, or catoms.

However, the science of programmable nano-scale robots is a reality now with game changing applications in healthcare, manufacturing, customizable retail products, entertainment, automotive, energy, aerospace and military defense applications.

Research data finds nanoscale programmable robots will reach nearly $550 Billion revenue by 2035 with 18% CAGR reports

Global Market Players of now developing Claytronics Market :

1. Claytronics, Inc.

2. Intel Corp.

3. Claytronics Solutions Private Limited (India and IBM)

4. Carnegie Mellon University (U.S. and INTEL)

5. Real Intent

6. Claysol Inc.

7. OxYmora Technology Pvt. Ltd.

8. IBM

Claytronics Market By Type :

o Planer Catoms

o Electrostatic Catoms

o Giant Helium Catoms

o Stochastic Catoms

o Millimeter Scale Catoms

What are the benefits of Programmable Nanoscale Matter?

The ability to multi-purpose nano-scale materials in an efficient sustainable fashion to create tangible solutions is providing an answer to limited resources available on Earth. This new way of producing items using nanoscale materials will transforms the manufacturing industry with innovative consumer applications that enable customizable product solutions.

Further, producing a clean material way to create products and functional solutions reduces CO2 pollution harmful to the environment. And the nontoxic materials maybe used in medical applications to treat illness and monitor human health, reducing healthcare costs.

Other companies to watch in the nanotechnology sector include :

  • Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.

  • Advanced Nano Products Co., Limited

  • Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.

  • Bruker Corporation

  • Chemat Technology Inc.

  • ELITech Group

  • eSpin Technologies, Inc.

  • Hanwha Solutions/Chemical Corporation

  • Hybrid Plastics Inc.

  • Integran Technologies, Inc.

  • Nanocyl S.A.

  • NanoMaterials Ltd.

  • Nanosys, Inc.

  • Rogue Valley Microdevices, Inc.

  • Shenzhen Nanotech Port Co., Ltd.

  • Starpharma Holdings Limited

Our nanotechnology Claytronic working partnerships also include "living robots" or Xenobots being developed at the University of Vermont and Tufts University where they have successfully developed tiny living "organic programmable machines" of sorts.

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