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Physician and Healthcare Practitioners

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

A real world need exists for a better patient healthcare relationship with their prescription drug regimen. In fact, about 132 million nearly 67% of adults in America use prescription drugs. And data shows over 50% forget to take their medication each month. Further, studies find 75% often do not take the medication properly as instructed by the Physician and Healthcare Practitioner reports

So, the need to provide a solution that addresses the patient healthcare relationship with their prescription drug regimen motivated Dr. Jerrica Dodd, CEO Founder of Your Pharmacy Advocate with a mission to add a human touch to pharmaceutical care and improve lives through patient engagement, provider partnerships, and education.

Historically, a lack of prescription medication and access to quality healthcare insurance in the black community affects nearly 70% of all families. While diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strike and obesity impact African Americans at significantly higher rates versus white caucasians. helps women entrepreneurs from every background and income level with mentoring and professional business development solutions. To get started contact us ... Checkout our business services below.

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