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How to Video

How to videos are a popular search for millions of people online. And it's a great way to earn extra money using your unique creative skill and knowledge. You create a video of less than 10 minutes, then let us sell it for you. People search online for the topic of your video, then purchase the instructional video to download. And, you can build a lucrative income stream.

You earn 50% from every download. And we earn 50% for marketing and management. Pricing is set by the quality and detail of the video, a marketplace data valuation analysis.

Example ... 80 downloads sold per month x $50 each you earn = $4,000 your monthly income potential

Our research shows nearly 70% of all online searches are related to "How to ...", so it's a great way for you to earn extra money, stress-free by leveraging your unique skill and knowledge.

To Get Started Call 440-223-3374 or Email Us

There are seven essential factors including;

video's length ... less than 10 minutes



format ... MP4, WAV, Webm, WMV, MOV, AVI



editing ... don't worry too much about video editing, we'll do this for you

Below are a few examples of "how to ..." videos to create based on your talent, so get started.

How to Play Guitar

How to Sew

How to Dance

How to Yoga

How to Sing

How to Write a Book

How to Program Coding

How to Gaming

How to Plumbing

How to Home Remodel

How to Fix a Car

How to Grout Tile

How to Facebook

How to Twitter

How to LinkedIN

How to Instagram

How to TikTok

How to YouTube

How to Ride a Horse

How to Fix a Bicycle

How to Play Football

How to Play Hockey

How to Play Baseball

How to Jet Ski

How to Ice Skate

How to Wind Surf

How to Sail a Boat

How to Hike the Wilderness

How to Sky Dive

How to Play Tennis

How to Play Pickle Ball

How to Raise Kids

How to Educate Kids

How to Pick Antiques

How to Grade Coins

How to Grade Sports Cards

Social Content Service is a boutique firm offering innovative eCommerce business development solutions. We bring a diverse team with over 35 + years of experience. Get Started Call Book Free Consultation 440-223-3374 Email Us

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