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How Millennials Communicate

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Over 95% of Millennials have a smartphone, preferring text over voice chat, in fact they text 75 to 130 times per day or more than 4,000 per month. Video chat has grown 185% within the last few years. And our data shows that video advertising in social media networks generates 75% better response rates versus traditional photo ads in other media venues.

Group wireless chat is a very effective work tool and social networking app used by most Millennials. The efficiency of using video conferencing mobile apps is 25% to 45% travel expenses and time savings reports

The shopping habits of Millennials is often online, although their still draw by good reviews and bargain sales to visit brick 'n mortar stores. Brand loyalty programs that offers discounts are also very popular with Millennials. helps innovative entrepreneurs from every background and income level with mentoring and professional business development solutions. Checkout business services below.

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