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How Effective are Blog Articles on Your Website

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Blog articles that draw loyal customers and new customer leads to your website are a very cost effective way to increase brand awareness and convert visitors into sales opportunities. For just $295 per month using a service like SCS to write your blog articles, a business is able to target more customers. And the blog articles open-up numerous marketing and advertising campaign possibilities, while creating SEO back links to improve search ranking.

How It Works ...

  1. research article topic (s)

  2. write original content blog article, using high volume keywords to target audience

  3. broadcast blog article into social media networks, program #hashtags

  4. craft effective marketing and advertising campaigns that maximize the blog article (s)

  5. measure success rate (s), study data analytics, make adjustments for organic growth

Think in terms of your business blog article, as a way to broadcast interesting content that also serves to organically grow your social media network. A blog article with unique insights and information will gain new social network followers and uncover new customers. By integrating your blog articles with your social network, you also attract new website visitors.

Blog articles should be written with original content to maximize SEO ranking. A call to action should be included such as "Book Now Free Consultation" or "Get 5% Off Shop Now". An effective call to action can increase your response rates in blog articles, email marketing and social media advertising campaigns by 90% on-average driving sales traffic.

A content article may also contain a unique embedded video that further highlights your business. While video boosts response rates 85%, starting at just $395 / 30 + seconds.

Exploring deeper into SCS content writing skills and digital media production over 35 years of experience includes a wide range of markets;

Retail Stores / Apparel


Pet Stores / Veterinarian

Law Firms


Entertainment / Events / Music

Computers & Technology

Web development Coding

Cyber Security IT

Automotive (ex. EVs, hydrogen, biofuel, gasoline)

Financial Technology

Media & Entertainment

Medical Technology & Healthcare

Clean Energy & Fossil Energy (ex. solar, wind, biofuel, oil, hydrogen, electric)

Sustainable Products (example cork or bamboo)

Health Fitness & Sports

Collectibles, Antiques and Memorabilia

Education - Public Schools & Colleges

Clean Water & Climate Change issues

Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud & Quantum Computing

Automation, Robotics & Manufacturing

Marketing, Advertising & Social Media

Website Design eCommerce apps

SMS Text Message Geofence Target Mobile Users

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