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Google Search Ad Analytics Language Translation and Localization Tools

Today, our research data shows 45% of Americans use voice search apps, and we estimate that by 2027 about 85% will use Chatbot voice apps to search, shop and perform tasks.

Consumer behavior has increasingly turned towards a more natural voice command, verbal search application using AI Chatbots. The ability to speak with the AI Chatbot closely mirrors our human interactions with other people, so the experience of chatting with a bot is already an ingrained behavior learned from childhood. Seniors also benefit greatly from AI technology writes J Dean @SCS.

The actual data analytics that we recorded in real world advertising campaigns for Google search analytics on February 8, 2023. For example, "search partners" include alternative search engines such as social networks, YouTube, Ask, Quora, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and other sites, on-average 72% of all user searches.

Google display networks are business websites that show Google Ads such as New York Times, eTrade, and many others. While Google search defines users typing in keywords on Google, now just 23% or so. Mobile phone users are now 85% of all Internet traffic.

Video advertising has also proven to garner 75% better response rates, while cost per click of video content in Google Ads is significantly lower than traditional keyword search costs.

Google's ad platform now provides AI bot enhanced tools that auto generate a variety of posts that alternate which you can tweak to display in search networks. This accelerates the production process and adds a stream of posts designed to capture users based on profiles.

Increasing Chatbots such as OpenAI GPT-4 and Google Bard are enabling users to verbally search and perform tasks, becoming another channel for businesses and advertisers to reach consumers. Although influencing consumers using Chatbots is still largely undefined yet given its new technology. Our research indicates within 36 months, Chatbots will be a natural part of our daily life writes J Dean @SCS.

Further, the added benefit of providing seamlessly fluent language translation and localization on-the-fly, during the course of a normal conversation, as Chatbots enable greater business opportunities with natural communications using AI technology.

On-average research data shows that a U.S. business can increase revenue by at least 3x by using AI Chatbots to open-up foreign market opportunities at low cost to entrepreneurs and corporations that enables a better localization capabilities into once foreign markets.

Using seamless fluent language translations allows anyone to sell into new markets. It eliminates language barriers. This new business phenomenon is a historic change that brings people worldwide closer than ever. It also creates a more collaborative approach, promoting a better cultural exchange, while increasing the competitive economic climate worldwide.

It's worth noting that while neural machine translation (NMT) has seen significant improvement in translation accuracy, it is not perfect and still requires human post-editing in many cases, especially for complex or idiomatic sentences. On the other hand, rule-based machine translation (RBMT) can produce more accurate translations for specialized language, but it lacks the ability to handle more complex sentences and adapt to new language patterns writes J Dean @SCS.

As a result, a hybrid approach, combining the strengths of both NMT and RBMT, is often used in industry applications. For example, NMT can be used to handle the general language, while RBMT is used for specific industry-specific terminology.

We expect the machine translation market to reach $15 Billion or more by 2030 with a 20% CAGR. Top companies developing machine translation applications include;


IBM Watson Translator

Raytheon BBN Technologies

Google Translator


Lionbridge Technology

AWS Translator (Amazon)




Systran International

In conclusion, the choice of machine translation and localization methods will depend on the specific requirements of the task and the industry. Both NMT and RBMT have their own strengths and weaknesses, and a hybrid approach may be the best solution in many cases.

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