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FTC Solar Tracking Systems

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

We're excited to work with companies like FTC Solar Inc., a global provider of solar tracker systems to optimize sunlight capture using technology, software, and engineering solutions.

Looking at the IPO launch of FTC Solar Inc. (NASDAQ : FTCI) expected about $1 Billion market cap expected. Opening IPO stock price will fluctuate between $10 and $18 per share.

Our team analysis finds $25 Billion solar energy market will grow about 25% annually for the next 5-8 years reports FTC Solar provider of quality software and service offerings to drive value for solar solutions spanning a range of applications including ground mount, tracker, canopy and rooftop solar array solutions.

But our team recommends areas of improvement on FTC Solar Inc. headquartered in Austin, Texas which we detailed in our business market analysis report. provides business analysis, social media marketing, website design, content writing and business development from start-up to IPO in a variety of market sectors. Our diverse team of highly skilled agents offer over 25 years of experience. Contact Us Send Note 

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