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Finding Value in Unexpected Places Checkout Cleveland Ohio

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Time and again many get blinded by the allure of flashy neighborhoods or trendy cities that for a relatively short period on the surface seems like a hot market. But today, "hot markets" like Nashville, Austin and Phoenix, all spots that once held the appeal of affordability years ago, are now fully discovered with a skyrocketing cost of living, overcrowding and crime.

So, finding healthier value in unexpected places takes a lot of research with a boots on the ground, hands on mentality and talking to people in the community. Based on detailed experience over years, for example, we discovered Greater Cleveland, Ohio, founded in 1776 more than 225 years ago, offers a robust high quality of life that's very affordable with excellent school systems, easy to navigate roadways and robust infrastructure.

Suburban towns around the Greater Cleveland area provide high quality work opportunities, an interesting social network of friends and a relaxing life balance with beautiful outdoor parks and hiking trails, that's far better than most other places in America writes J. Dean

The Greater Cleveland / Akron Ohio area is packed with beautiful historic sights and a well educated population of 3.5 million people, mostly middle of the road political views.

Living in the greater Cleveland community offers many family benefits that shine including affordable housing options, top quality award winning public schools in towns like Independence, Broadview Heights, Westlake and beautiful Rocky River, Ohio just 15-mins from downtown Cleveland. The city offers robust sports, theatre, music and art venues.

We agree paying a little more in property taxes is well worth the Award Winning Schools you get in greater Cleveland areas. The cost of paying a little more in Ohio property taxes for excellent public schools offers a better value compared to having to send your child to private schools at $20,000 + that's often necessary in other places like Tennessee, Texas or Arizona.

The well educated local people in Greater Cleveland communities are very refreshing. Engaging with progressive thinking, educated people creates a higher quality social life.

And one of the bonus byproduct benefits of widespread quality education in communities like Greater Cleveland is the lower crime rates and safe neighborhoods of places like Independence, Westlake, Broadview Heights and Rocky River, Ohio among the lowest crime rates in America. Plus the added benefit of super local Civic Fitness Centers for family fun.

Enjoy local entertainment such as world class music at The Cleveland Orchestra. While the world famous Cleveland Healthcare Clinic ranks #2 in the world. And Cleveland offers a unique, very dense cluster of significant brainpower which enables a fantastic culture for startup companies with nearby Case Western Reserve University ranking #18 worldwide in innovation results, comparable to MIT and Harvard in academics.

Case Western is a world leader in education including study of law, engineering, healthcare, nursing and Pre-Med Schools. While it's computer AI coding and mechanical engineering programs are highly regarded. Case offers a top 20 ranked clinical psychology school. And the academic culture walking around downtown Cleveland is delightfully engaging.

For sports in Cleveland Ohio is diverse with the professional teams such as the Cleveland Guardians (formerly Cleveland Indians), basketball Cleveland Cavs and NFL football Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Monsters hockey team is also a favorite of local event.

The historic culture of Cleveland Ohio dates back to 1776 with prominent families like John D. Rockefeller, Dale Carnegie and Moses Cleveland. So, a 225 year + old foundation is built in Cleveland on a mix of banking, industrial manufacturing, tech business and healthcare that's embedded over hundreds of years in the Greater Cleveland and Akron Ohio areas.

Cleveland is well situated on the edge of Lake Erie for supply chain commerce, part of the Great Lakes system with it's near unlimited supply of clean water. On the opposite side of Lake Erie sits Ontario Canada. And surprisingly mild weather year around 45 - 75 degs mostly, accept during a few cold winter snow months of January and February. Otherwise, a crisp gentle breeze off Lake Erie provides excellent fishing and outdoor activity options.

Greater Cleveland is loaded with beautiful public parks and enjoyable countryside hiking trails, including fantastic adventures such as the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad rides along the 33,000 acre historic Cuyahoga Valley National Park located in Northeast, Ohio.

Walk along the downtown waterfront shops, restaurants and enjoy sporting events at Progressive Field, Rocket Mortgage Field House and FirstEnergy Stadium for fun entertainment. While Jacks Casino offers an enjoyable buffet meal and gambling 24/7.

Even more exciting is the world famous Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame historic music center, and the surprisingly large Cleveland Natural History Museum. But don't miss the Cleveland ZOO with its wonderful kid friendly exhibits or the Cleveland Art Museum. A secret gem to visit while in Cleveland is the historic Cleveland Play House (CPH).

If the family seeks adventure checkout the world famous NASA Glenn Space Center in Cleveland Ohio. NASA's Glenn Research Center offers advanced aerospace research, designs, development of innovative technology in aeronautics and spaceflight also affiliated with the Great Lakes Science Center, a great place for the kids to learn with interactive exhibits commented J. Dean

The people in greater Cleveland are a wonderful mix of mid-west genuine down-to-earth friendliness and New England intelligence that makes for rewarding social engagements.

Greater Cleveland Ohio is extremely business friendly offering a highly educated and skilled workforce for most any market sector. A wide range, mix of very skilled manual labor to top quality well educated workforce candidates available at reasonable cost, great for startups.

A Few Top Companies In Cleveland, Ohio include;

  1. Parker Hannifin

  2. Sherwin-Williams

  3. Cleveland Clinic

  4. American Greetings

  5. University Hospitals

  6. TransDigm Group

  7. KeyBank

  8. NACCO Industries

Among the most exciting startup businesses in Cleveland Ohio includes;

  • Wisr

  • OnStation

  • Splash Financial


  • Farm Fare


  • CHAMPtitles

  • Axuall

Rewarding career opportunities are available in Greater Cleveland Ohio. And enjoy all your water sports, boating, beaches and fishing on Lake Erie in Greater Cleveland Ohio that affords some of the best family enjoyment opportunities in North America. Checkout breathtaking sunsets in Edgewater Park and Rocky River Park on the edge of Lake Erie with all it's charm, amazing education, great food and business activities writes J. Dean

And don't forget that booming business markets like Columbus Ohio and Cincinnati are just a couple hours drive from greater Cleveland / Akron areas offering robust opportunities.

Author J. Dean, a native born in Cleveland Ohio now leads a team at SCS with hub locations in USA. Mr. Dean has over 25 years of experience as a strategic Business Development Partner and Market Solutions Leader. Dean is the producer of insightful market research, data analytics (ROI), business eCommerce solutions, digital video production and social media content marketing in a variety of U.S. sectors serving entrepreneur start-ups to IPO corporations. Let's CONNECT --

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