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Ethereum Decentralized Network

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Here's why we like #Ethereum ... Ethereum is the world’s first — and today one of many — “smart contract platforms.” Unlike bitcoin, it was designed not to be a payment system, but a “decentralized world computer or mobile network.” The idea was to take the concept of #decentralization and apply it not just to money and payments DeFi, but also to financial contracts and any form of social interaction that requires trust between two or more parties that do not know or trust each other. By defining those social interactions in code, the ethereum #network acts as the mediator — automatically enforcing the rules of said interaction — between the different parties. The idea behind this concept is that “code is law,” and any interaction that takes place between several parties should be executed exactly according to the way it was defined in #code, with no room for special interests or subjective interpretations. Learn More Click Here

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