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Close Sales 3x Faster

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Each project brings unique challenges and goals. As we dug into the details of the client's business, the need to develop a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform became a top priority. But driving the CRM system to generate new customer sales leads was a need for the steady flow of original content articles and social media videos that engage a target audience.

So we developed a paid advertising campaign, wrote content articles, produced social network media and designed a landing page website to capture high quality leads for our sales pipeline CRM funnel. And we warmed the leads with an effective email campaign.

Soon within a couple months, we captured new customer leads 3x faster according to our data analytics which showed 35% of landing page visitors engaged down the sales funnel.

Curating the new customer leads, our team recorded a nearly 85% conversion to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) with a 37% reduced cost-per-lead, than the industry average.

Overall, we were able to lower the sales cycle on-average from 12-months to just 4-months. This resulted in a nearly 45% cost savings for our client which enabled the sales team to become more productive. We also began phasing-in customer video conferencing sessions.

Quantify Relevant Awareness

Defined regional audience segments that cared most about the financial impact of steel tariffs, which were a high-trending industry topic

Map Points of Influence

Identified the channels where audience segments were most likely to engage with information about steel tariffs

Prove Your Business Value

Delivered relevant messaging that convinced potential customers to download content and request consultations

Align Tactics to Sales Funnel

Used CRM and email to warm leads and qualified them with the support of Regional Sales Managers

Rapidly Execute, Test & Analyze

Developed and tested an integrated marketing plan in one sales region that can be optimized and scaled on a national level partners with innovative business entrepreneurs from every background and income level. We provide unique mentoring and business development solutions. Checkout our business services below.

Retail Website Designs Sell Online

eCommerce Sales Shopping Carts

Engage Audience, Create Healthy Networks

Content Writing - Blog - Marketing Articles

Publish Book - Video Streaming - Podcasting

Business Crowdsource Funding Services

Advertising Campaigns PPC Data Analytics

Creative Video Marketing Social Media Ads

InstaGram, TikTok, Reels, YouTube, Facebook

Feel free connect to get started building your own business or just want to chat about an idea. Social Content Service provides business analysis, social media marketing, data analytics, website design, content writing and business development from start-up to IPO in a variety of market sectors. Our diverse team of highly skilled mentors offer over 35 years of experience.

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