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Business Applications Using OpenAI GPT-4 DeepMind and Neural Interface

Today, we are on the cusp of significant AI technology becoming commercially packaged so that entrepreneurs and business managers can harness the intelligent marketing agents. In fact, today our programs curate AI business solutions that can reduce operating costs up to 65% while increasing productivity 55%, not in some distance future writes J Dean @ SCS.

Using AI to market and run your business is now a valuable opportunity that can greatly enhance your financials. As general intelligence enters commercial business markets in 2023, it provides tangible real world applications. And tools such as ChatGPT and DeepMind networks that enable instant search, answers to complex problems and general questions.

For example, DeepMind, a neural network computer system using a program known as AlphaGo was asked to solve how to fold a protein cell, a problem the scientific community has grappled with for the last 50 years or more. And within 18 months, DeepMind built the AlphaFold Protein Structure Database from nearly 1 million to over 200 million structures, including predictions for most proteins in UniProt with breakthrough medical applications.

The storied AI applications once used only in high level academic circles or backroom labortories is now being packaged to provide consumers and business organizations with unprecedented cognitive and physical machine robot abilities far beyond human capabilities.

In fact, general intelligence AI may begin to transform nearly every social and business paradigm in the next 36 months said J Dean @ SCS. General intelligence AI breakthroughs seeping into the world economy now can be compared to the invention of the wheel or printing press. The magnitude of such rapid innovation will ripple into the world for decades.

Historically, the invention of using a mouse to click came about in the mid 1980s, a now legacy function. While today general intelligence GPT-4 AI is expected to reach up to 100 Trillion parameters in 2023, offering the ability to use voice interface apps like Apple Siri, Google Echo and Amazon Alexa that are embedded or streamed on devices and machines.

Today, retailers are scrambling to develop uses for AI including McDonald's and Macy's now deploying AI voice command customer service applications to reduce human assets, and streamline operations for better efficiency, greater return on investment (ROI) solutions.

For example, the AI source reports that McDonald's, the fast food restaurant chain is now redesigning their business model around using GPT AI to service customers, prepare food and deliver the meal order. The GPT AI and intelligent machine robot agents will perform most work applications within 36 months, managed by a human.

The future McDonald's restaurant store will be fully automated using GPT AI, needing just three human workers per shift to manage and operate the entire store in order to serve customers versus today's model which uses 22 employees per shift on-average.

McDonald's proposed new store model significantly reduces human labor per shift including;

1 human worker to manage drive-thru orders

1 worker to manage an automated kitchen, food preparation

1 worker to clean, management facility maintenance

Therefore, calculating the McDonald's new restaurant model, we can deduce that given 13,438 stores currently operating across America with 22 human workers per shift equals about 295,636 employees, but that number would drop to just 40,314 (i.e. three per shift) to operate in the new McDonald's restaurant business model using GPT AI technology and automation. That's a 567% drop in the number of human job employees needed to operate.

Further, human clinical trials have already begun with brain chip NeuraLink implants, a direct human interface to AI devices without any voice command. The commands are literally thoughts in your mind carried out by electrical impulses in the normal brain functions that produce external physical actions by machines in real-world applications.

However, many often say, all this AI technology sounds wonderful, but what are the immediate business applications that AI technology can provide now, today?

Social Content offers the following business AI solutions now including;

1. GPT-4 AI bots - We program intelligent Chat customer service CRM, enhanced AI search, image creation and content writing, website development and video marketing applications.

2. Physical task automation such as fast food preparation and warehouse deployment, commercial delivery and digital retail store transactions. We develop solutions to upgrade the productivity and quality of your business, while reducing costs using AI technology.

3. Data analytics and predictive simulation applications using AI, we custom program solutions often used in retail, supply chain, accounting, human resources and healthcare.

To get started call 440-597-3964 or Email Us

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