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9 Million Entrepreneurs in America Live Beyond the Challenge

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

America has nearly 56 Million people living with disabilities, and over 15% are entrepreneurs running their own business. That's nearly 9 Million small business entrepreneurs with challenges, but they choose to go beyond. Despite the challenge to perform even the most basic acts such as walking, talking, or seeing, these amazing people achieve goals everyday.

Often an entrepreneur will embark on the journey for the following reasons ...

SELF EMPLOYMENT : A customized employment strategy meant to employ an individual through the creation of a business with the goal of achieving financial self-sufficiency.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP : The creation of a business that is both profit and growth oriented. Meaning that it is intended to employ others as well as being a customized employment strategy with the goal of financial self-sufficiency.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP : The creation of a business that has not only a profit-generating mission, but also a social mission that is central to the business itself. Many social entrepreneurs start businesses because of their personal experience with disadvantage or unmet need they see in their community. The goal is profit enabling them to give back.

Today, over $450 Billion annually is spent by the U.S. government both federal and state levels on support and services including training for the disabled or challenged people.

Data shows U.S. population with disabilities, over half (52%) were people in the working ages of 18-64, while 40% were 65 and older. Disability in children and youth accounted for only 7% (ages 5-17) and 1% (under 5 years old). Lifespan varies with the severity of disability.

People with medical or genetic challenges in America often have associated health issues such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Other challenges facing disabled often include mobility, cognitive, hearing, vision, and self care affecting nearly 26% of Americans (CDC).

Modified home or office physical layouts may be needed such as wide hallways, lower sink, counter, cabinets, robust electronics and computer apps with voice assist or touchscreen.

By developing an independent financial strategy disabled entrepreneurs may prosper while also gaining the self confidence and dignity of living in a productive positive manner.

Among our initiatives is a focus to assist disabled entrepreneur to live beyond the challenge and develop an independent, fulfilling lifestyle, in order to achieve their maximum potential.

Entrepreneurs whether disabled or not are encouraged to contact us

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