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  • Annual Subscription

    Every year
    1-Year Access Premium Articles, Research, Podcast Videos
    Valid for 10 years
    • You get access to all business research, data analytics etc.
    • Cancel anytime, simply contact us to cancel.
    • You will be charged just $5.95 per year, until you cancel.
  • Content Writer

    Custom Content Writing for Web Page, Article or Advertising
    Valid for 7 days
    • Up to 500 word
    • Great for research article writing
    • Effective advertising campaign
    • Broadcast social media marketing
  • Blog Writer Monthly

    Every month
    Blog Writer 4 Articles each Month
    • Custom writing boost search optimization and social networks
    • 4 articles per month
    • Broadcast social media marketing
    • Boost SEO and back links to drive web traffic
  • Video Production

    Custom Video Production
    Valid for one month
    • Up to 8-mins video Advertise, Instructional and more
    • Build customer loyalty
    • Create Video Podcasts
    • Drive brand awareness
    • Social media marketing
    • Increase customer response rate 75% using video media
  • PR Business Media

    PR Broadcast Your Business Reach Hundreds of Media Channels
    Valid for 7 days
    • We write your 500 word Press Release with links
    • Broadcast PR to over 500 News Channels
    • Broadcast PR to 5,700 Syndicated Sites
    • Broadcast to Social Networks, Search Engines
    • Yahoo News, AP News, MSNBC
    • Twitter, FOX, CNN, Google News
    • Facebook, Instagram and more
  • Website Development

    Custom design, content and applications
    Valid for one month
    • Up to 15 pages
    • Unique domain URL
    • Custom design
    • Content writing and product install
    • Shopping carts ... Accept Master Card / VISA / AMEX
    • ChatBot AI for better customer service
    • Inventory Management tools
    • CRM create special offers, discounts and loyalty apps
    • Video marketing applications personalize and capture sales
    • Blog article section builds subscribers and pushes SEO rank
  • Business AI ChatBot

    We custom program ChatBots AI
    Valid for one month
    • Business instructional videos up to 10 minutes
    • Customer service on website, store and other channels
    • ChatBot video advertising campaigns
  • Video Ads Monthly

    Every month
    We create custom videos marketing, instructional and more
    • 4 custom videos per month up to 8-mins each
    • Broadcast in social media networks
    • Drive sales traffic to your business
    • Connect with customers, build brand loyalty
    • Increase response rates 75% with regular video advertising
  • Social Media Sales

    Every month
    We Manage Social Network, Produce Social Media News Stories
    • 2 Posts per Day targeted for sales on social media networks
    • We create custom social media stories, news, video, photos
    • Customer engagement captures social network audience
    • Build social network audience exponentially
    • Drive traffic to your website, capture sales, build loyalty
  • Advertise PPC Montly

    Every month
    We create targeted ads, manage ad campaigns, data analytics
    • Develop effective custom PPC advertising campaigns
    • We manage your advertising campaign
    • Targeted data analytics ensure optimal results
    • Increase business sales
    • Drive brand awareness, build customer loyalty
    • Create back links to boost search engine optimization
    • Build your sales funnel, capture more leads
  • Landing Page Design

    Capture More Sales Leads Get Landing Page
    Valid for one month
    • custom website design up to 4 pages
    • unique domain
    • search engine optimization
    • custom design
    • content writing
    • subscription apps and sales lead capture forms
  • NFT Asset Minting

    Transform Register art photo video - valuable digital assets
    Valid for one month
    • send us a photo or art image
    • we transform image using digital effects
    • prep for non fungible token NFT minting format
    • great for brand advertising campaigns hip special effects
  • Market Research

    Custom market research and data analytics solutions
    Valid for one month
    • 25 hours of custom market research or data analytics
    • Develop media articles to publish and broadcast
    • Identify start-up business market opportunities
    • Presentation industry trade shows, raise capital and more
    • Create blueprint for business development strategies
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