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Leadership Dedication 

Everyday We Help Build Your Vision.

James Dean is SCS managing Director over 35 years of experience creating innovative business development solutions.

- Content writing, website design, video editing production and social media marketing / branding

- Market Research Analyst in wide range of sectors 

- Digital Media Production and Data Analytic Systems     

- AI programming, Automation and Intelligent Machine Apps   

- Business Development, Capital Funding and eCommerce Sales 


Certifications including ... AWS Cloud Services - Data Analytics - Facebook / Instagram social media marketing - LinkedIN Ads - Twitter Ads - Google Advertising PPC - Google Drive - Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate - Microsoft Office 365 - Microsoft Windows - Vimeo Video Production - YouTube Video Production - TikTok Ads - WordPress - WIX Studio - Adobe Studio

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We provide business services for entrepreneurs, non-profits and corporations worldwide. Get Started Contact Us 

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